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3 Months Treatment - Marine collagen peptides - 90 sachets x 10g
3 Months Treatment - Marine collagen peptides - 90 sachets x 10g
3 Months Treatment - Marine collagen peptides - 90 sachets x 10g
3 Months Treatment - Marine collagen peptides - 90 sachets x 10g
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  • For optimum efficacy and visible effects, 3 months treatment at discounted price
  • BEST VALUE FOR 10g PURE MARINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES, unique dosage for best potency
  • BEST BIOAVAILABILITY : effective in less than 1 hour
  • INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN. Lactose Free. Gluten Free. GMO Free.
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The advantages of a 3-month treatment:

Dr. Gérard Guillaume, Rheumatologist and member of the scientific committee of COLLAGEN VITAL POWER recommends: “The dosage of 10g / day of a highly bioavailable collagen is necessary to exert a positive action on the cartilage and the joint. But, it is necessary to wait at least 1 month, even 3 months in some patients, to obtain a real joint benefit. »A collagen cure at 3 months is therefore the ideal duration to obtain a visible result on your cartilages and joints.

Lysholm score is a SCORING system used to measure joint mobility. The Lysholm Scale contains eight items that measure: pain, instability, locking, swelling, lameness, climbing stairs, squatting, and need for support. The patient must respond to these eight items by assigning a score to each. The total score is the sum of each answer: the higher the score, the more it indicates good results, that is, fewer symptoms and disability. According to the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, the 3-month course of COLLAGEN VITAL POWER improves mobility by 30% to 40%.

The CORNEOMETER® is the instrument commonly used in dermatology to measure the hydration of the skin. According to the measurement of CORNEOMETER®, the peptides of COLLAGEN VITAL POWER increase the internal hydration of the skin from 50.9 to 64.7 in 3 months, or 30% more deep hydration.

3 month treatment of Collagen VITAL POWER, The Testimony of Sophie, Journalist :

“After 3 months, my skin had changed: not only on the face where the wrinkles were very attenuated, but I also had the outline more defined and the quality of my skin was more luminous with much less spots and imperfections. On the body, I felt better hydratated: on my cleavage, my neck, my legs, everything was more flexible, elastic, improved. I had rejuvenated skin. Even my office colleagues have pointed this out to me. I was thrilled. "
"During the 3 months of treatment, I had stopped putting creams on the body to better see the progress. The difference before / after my treatment was incredible. I then looked at the collagen phenomenon and realized that this protein was the most important constituent of our skin: 80%, and that losing this protein corresponded to irreducible aging. "


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Our Collagen's details

Pure hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides: 10g, i.e. 97.6% of the weight of the dose sachet
Other Ingredients :
Natural peach flavor, lemon juice powder (Citrus Lemon), beet juice powder, sweetener: steviol glycosides.
Daily Dose :
1 dose sachet
Units Per box :
Form :
Powder micro granulated
Instruction :
To drink
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