Collagen Vital Power - Marine collagen peptides - 30 sachets x 10g
Collagen Vital Power - Marine collagen peptides - 30 sachets x 10g
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Collagen Vital Power, highly concentrated active ingredient, is essential nutraceutical for your own body to fight against aging…


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The marine collagen powder COLLAGEN VITAL POWER is composed of 18 specific amino acids and characterized by a unique formulation. With its dosage of 10 grams per sachet, the highest dose on the market, you will feel the effects within one month.

Thanks to its specific micro-granulation, COLLAGEN VITAL POWER dissolves quickly and easily in a glass of water. Peach flavouring and low-calorie formulation give it a very pleasant taste.

Pack-and-carry sachet dose makes it very easy to use in daily life. Rejuvenate your beauty and health with COLLAGEN VITAL POWER becomes a real pleasure.

Direction for use:

Before or during the meal, dissolve a sachet of COLLAGEN VITAL POWER marine collagen in a glass of water. Once the powder has sunk, stir gently and wait about 1 minute for complete dissolution. Drink and enjoy your marine collagen. 10 grams per day of COLLAGEN VITAL POWER is enough to nourish your beauty and joint health from within. 

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To fully benefit from the benefits of COLLAGEN VITAL POWER marine collagen, physicians advise 1 to 3-month intake, renewable during the year according to your needs.

Pure marine collagen powder is safe. Several scientific studies demonstrate that collagen peptide supplementation is essential for the maintenance of our body, especially from the age of 40, when the signs of ageing become more visible and collagen depletion accelerates.


- Fractionation and micro-granulation that greatly increase the bioavailability (COLLAGEN VITAL POWER’ specific collagen peptides) and which guarantee its maximum effectiveness

- Dosage of 10 grams, recommended by anti-ageing physicians, cosmetic surgeons and rheumatologists

- Customized formulation, pure, without additives, gluten and lactose-free. Low caloric content.

- Production in France, under the most stringent pharmaceutical standards.

- Pack-and-carry sachet that makes COLLAGEN VITAL POWER your ally for beauty and health “par excellence”.

- Product recognized and distributed in many pharmacies.

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