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Anti-Age Magazine talks about Collagen Vital Power and its 10g as an essential supplement for its own health.


A new anti - aging nugget. Collagen represents 30% of our protein mass and is our skin, our cartilage and our bones. Collagen Vital Power with its 10 g reduces our collagen deficiency by providing a "booster" effect on the osteoblasts (cells that make the bone), as well as on the reinforcement of the density and the bone mass.

He also participates in the repair of the intestinal mucosa and is an essential ally of the weight management programs with a necessary protein intake on a day.

Its restorative action of the deep structure of the skin increases finally the collagen density from where a tensor effect in depth which contributes to smooth the wrinkles on the surface. At the recommended price of 90 € the box of 30 sachets / doses.