• Is Collagen Vital Power safe for me?

Yes. Collagen Vital Power is safe: made in France, produced in registered and approved lab, controlled at all steps of manufacturing process. Ingredients used are all controlled and approved by health authorities for use in dietary supplements. 

  • Is Collagen Vital Power registered / approved?

Collagen Vital Power fulfills requirements of regulations related to active substances and dietary supplements. It is registered by French health authorities. 

  • Is Collagen Vital Power a natural product?

Collagen used in Collagen Vital Power is of natural origin (extracted from fish skins), specifically selected for its quality, its functional properties, its fast absorption in human body, what fosters its efficiency. 

  • Why marine collagen?

Collagen Vital Power has deliberately chosen and selected marine Collagen for its exceptional functionality and biocompatibility with our own collagen matrix. 

  • Is there side effects with Collagen Vital Power?

No. Collagen is widely used ingredient and there are no side effects known. 

  • How long experience and knowledge about collagen and its use?

Collagen is a well-known protein source, widely used in food stuff for its property or functionality. Health benefits are well known and bone broth (downgraded form of collagen) has been used for centuries. More recently, trendy paleo-diet has brought up again benefit of bone broth in healthy lifestyle. 

  • When will I start to see effects of Collagen Vital Power on my skin, joints, bones..,?

You will get harder hair and nail after 15 days, when beneficial effects on skin or joint mobility will be perceived after 3 to 4 weeks depending individuals. Collagen Vital Power recommends a treatment for 3 months in a row to sustain and consolidate results. Trying is adopting!

  • Why Collagen Vital Power could act at same time on skin, joints or bones?

Collagen represents 30% of our own protein mass and is the building block of skin, joint, cartilage and bone. Collagen Vital Power with its 10g of active ingredient will replenish  your own collagen. It is thus logical it could cure all of these anatomical parts. Perceived benefits will nevertheless be mostly centered to areas you suffer the most and showing highest collagen unbalance.

  • Are sales on your e-commerce platform secured?

Connections with our e-commerce shop are secured with SSL protocol, certified by VeriSign. Payments are also secured via PayPal link.  

  • Why Collagen Vital Power is safer than other sometimes questionable products found on internet?

Collagen Vital Power is a high end product exclusively sold on selective channels. You could find Collagen Vital Power on our dedicated website, or at few exclusive distributors such as pharmacies, drugstores, beauty salons, spas having a grant from us. 

You can't find it on multipurpose e-commerce platforms offering a wide range of supplements, with unknown origin, and with extremely low dosage and concentration. 

  • How shall I use Collagen Vital Power? What dose? What time of the day?

Take 1 sachet Collagen Vital Power daily. You could have it any time in your day, with or in-between meals. 

Dilute the sachet in water, steer and let rest few seconds for a better dispersion before ingestion. 

  • Is Collagen Vital Power a calorific product? Will I gain weight taking care of my with skin with Collagen Vital Power?

No. One dose of Collagen Vital Power is only 44 kcal (184 kJ), not more than fruit or vegetable. Collagen is well-known for satiety effect and reduction of hanger feel. Collagen Vital Power will thus help regulate your appetite and balance your diet; you will not gain weight along with daily intake.

  • What is the difference between collagen and hyaluronic acid?

Collagen is the essential precursor of hyaluronic acid biosynthesis, which role is to capture water molecules in order to improve skin hydration. Without collagen (skin foundation and building block), hyaluronic acid can't show any efficacy in skin moisturizing . 

  • What is the difference between collagen of Collagen Vital Power and beauty creams with collagen?

Collagen Vital Power is acting from inside, in the dermis deeper layer with a sustainable strengthening of skin collagen, when beauty creams are acting outside on skin surface and in a limited time period. Therefore, Collagen Vital Power is complementary to cosmetic products you are using. 

  • What is the difference between CVP and collagen injections?

Collagen Vital Power's active ingredient is marine collagen. It acts from within and regenerate your own collagen production and biosynthesis. Collagen-based injectable is exogenous product. Only resorbable ingredients injected will be chemically modified in time and will be eliminated. Collagen Vital Power is thus the true natural alternative to fillers.

  • What does collagen bring compared to Botox?

Botox contains neurotoxins aiming at paralyzingly facial muscles to reduce fine lines. Collagen Vital Power is natural origin and is not intrusive. Its active ingredients will revitalize your cells and regenerate your own collagen. With Collagen Vital Power, beauty comes from within. 

  • What difference between collagen and glucosamine or even chondroitin?

Only collagen intake with Collagen Vital Power will enable to regenerate structural components of cartilage (chondro-generative effect). 

Collagen is the essential protein and the main component of cartilage. Glucosamine and chondroitin are only supporting maintenance and repair of damaged cartilage. Glucosamine will improve lubrification of synovial liquid (as well as hyaluronic acid). Chondroitin will support elasticity and water retention inside cartilage; it is also playing a role as inhibitor of the enzyme downgrading damaged cartilage. Without collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin are ineffective. 

  • I have osteoporosis issues. Could Collagen Vital Power remedy ?

Osteoporosis requires medical attention. Nevertheless, Collagen Vital Power could be used in supplementation of the therapeutic treatment prescribed, because of its known effects on osteoblast activation, leveraging of bone density and bone mineralization. 

  • I have arthritis, could I take Collagen Vital Power to remedy?

Yes. Collagen Vital Power has double impact: it will improve your functional mobility and will reduce your pain thanks its anti-inflammatory effect. Collagen Vital Power takes part into cartilage regeneration process. The more downgraded your joint is, the more benefit from Collagen Vital Power intake you will feel.