Our commercial partners :

Where would you find us?

In selected high-end and luxurious locations

In Paris :

Salons and Spas: Balmain Salon Hair Couture & Spa, Cercle DELACRE

Well-Being centers: Le Tigre Yoga Club, Yoga Garden

Aesthetic Clinics: Clinic Nescens Paris Sontini

Pharmacies in Paris: Pharmacie Victor Hugo, Pharmacie Braitman, Pharmacie de la Tour Eiffel, Pharmacie de la Mairie 75116, Pharmacie Paris Eiffel

Pharmacie in Neuilly-sur-Seine: Pharmacie de Longchamps 

Pharmacies in Levallois: Grande pharmacie Anatole France

Pharmacies North of France: Pharmacie Cote d'Opale Le Touquet, Pharmacie de la Halle à Calais, Pharmacie de Romainville à Valenciennes, Pharmacie Jean Jaures à Aulnoyes-Aymeries, Pharmacie des Glatignies à Bavay.

Abroad :

Europe, Middle-East, Asia



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