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Our Marine collagen in a few words

Our pure marine collagen is extracted from sea-caught fish skin. Protein molecule and main building block of human body, collagen is an essential nutriment to our metabolism. The main benefits of marine collagen are: increased elasticity and firmness of the skin, regenerated cartilaginous tissues, enhanced joint lubrification and reduced hunger feeling.

Who needs to take marine collagen?

From the age of 30, our cells slow down their collagen production. However, collagen is mandatory to our metabolism to maintain the elasticity and appearance of our skin, to ensure the proper functioning of our joints and to maintain our bone density. By taking marine collagen daily as a dietary supplement, cell ageing process will slow down and cartilage tissue wear will decrease. From a 3-month intake, our marine collagen supplementation will provide visible and sustainable results.

Interview with Dr Olivier CLAUDE - Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Paris

“Collagen accounts for approximately 80% of skin proteins. It holds all living tissues together and ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin. By the age of 30, this protein weakens and depletes, explaining the skin aging process, in combination with external factors (lifestyle, exposure to UV, stressors, etc.). Thanks to its restructuring effect, collagen supplementation will improve skin hydration, elasticity, plump up and reduce wrinkles.

Collagen supplementation is really complementary to my aesthetic and plastic interventions, pre- or post-operative. Ideally the dosage should be sufficient (10 grams of collagen) and the formulation should have excellent bioavailability (ability to be quickly active and functional in the very core of the dermis). I particularly recommend marine collagen; whose structure is closer to that of human tissues.

docteur olivier claude

Scientific studies on marine collagen have highlighted:


- (a) Dosage above 10g daily

- (b) Highly active and functional collagen peptides (thus high degree of bioavailability)

les études sur collagène marin

Numerous studies have shown the pure collagen marine has following benefits :

• An active role in fighting against signs of aging and collagen depletion induced

• A reduction in wrinkle depth, increased skin hydration and elasticity

• Collagen supplementation improves osteoarthritis symptoms, reduces joint pain overall and increases joint function resulting in enhanced mobility

• A participation in bone degeneration inhibition that leads to osteoporosis

• A "boost" effect on muscle mass, faster recovery after workouts and muscle strengthening in the case of age-related muscle wasting

• A reduction of hair and nail brittleness, resulting in strengthening and faster growth

Collagen Vital Power will benefit you thanks to its high dosage and excellent bioavailability .

How to choose your pure marine collagen ?

Chose the best of all marine collagen is not always an easy task. Here are our suggestions:

1.Always select the best of marine collagen peptides:

The peptides of very high quality, with a specific micro granulation, are very well assimilated in the digestive tract. This is typically Collagen Vital Power’s composition

On the contrary, when the collagen peptides are crafted with other forms, the proteins will be difficult to absorb because of their molecular size too large

2.A concentrated dosage increases the effectiveness:

Collagen Vital Power is formulated with 10 g of marine collagen peptides, the most concentrated dose available, according to recommendations of the scientific community, for maximum effectiveness.

3.Collagen powder is recommended:

This is the only galenic formulation that enables highly dosed and functional product, with valuable features like: ready to use, easy to carry and take away, well balanced, fast dissolution, tasty and low-calorie formulation.

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Docteur Gérard Guillaume

Interview of Dr Gérard GUILLAUME - Rheumatologist, Paris

“The key aspect for collagen supplementation in rheumatology is about dosage: Below 2g/day, likewise collagen in capsules, this is far too little to get any result.

A dose of 10g / day with highly bioavailable collagen peptides is mandatory to trigger effectiveness on joint function and cartilage improvement.

Despite effects are real and solid, you must wait up to 3 months with some patients before you could measure an improvement in joint health. Hopefully, effect on skin, hair and nails firmness is much faster which enables them to already enjoy benefits very quickly after the start of supplementation.»

What is the difference between marine collagen and bovine collagen ?

Food and epidemic scandals on animal meat are common. Many consumers doubt the origin of bovine collagen. Unlike the prior one, marine collagen presents less risk.

Marine collagen is also structurally closer to collagen proteins in human body, it is therefore better assimilated and tolerated.

The unique selling-points of Collagen Vital Power's pure marine collagen:

Collagen Vital Power's pure marine collagen is characterized by a unique combination of 18 essential amino acids, the foundation of our connective tissues. Its concentration of glycine and proline / hydroxyproline is 10 to 20 times higher than other protein sources, making hydrolysed marine collagen a unique ingredient with unrivalled nutritional and functional properties.

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